GRIPSTICKS Starter Package.

Our starter GripSticks package. They may only be 4 inches in length but the challenging nature of this exercise has big benefits. Buy the force 6 and force 4 together and qualify for free postage and packaging.

Grip Stick 4″


GRIPSTICKS Advanced Package.

Our second echelon GripSticks package, only 2 inches longer than its little brother but it makes a huge difference to the effectiveness. Buy the force 6 and force 4 together and qualify for free postage and packaging.

Grip Stick 6″



Buy both pairs of GripSticks handles and get free postage and packaging. Saving you money and ensuring that you have the right tools to add variety to your workouts, challenge yourself and keep making gains.

Grip Stick Package 6″ & 4″


GripSticks Advanced Strength Training.

GripSticks are your strength training secret weapon!

Quickly improving the performance of the central nervous system and neuromuscular pathways.

The laser like focus required to perform the most basic of exercises on GripSticks will train brain and body to work in total synergy.

This effect can translate to rapid gains in maximum strength across a wide range of movements.

GripSticks take simple exercises like push ups, dips and planks and turn them into full body beasts.

Training every muscle fibre, ligament, tendon, nerve and synapse from the tip of the toes to the top of the head.

If you want a bigger bench, stronger pulls and the ability to hold on to that bar no matter how much weight you hang off it GripSticks need to be part of your program.

Rapid Strength Gains
Improve Athletisicm
Increased Muscularity
laser Focus
Bone Crushing Grip

What are you waiting for?

This versatile little training tool will challenge you and improve your strength for years to come!

Follow the GripSticks advanced strength training program .

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