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One of the greatest features of GripSticks is their portability. It’s like being able to take the worlds smallest weight bench and barbell anywhere you want. But to get the best from this portability and convenience we need to play to its strengths..

Maximum strength is maximum tension

When it comes to building maximum strength three factors must be considered above all else.

  • Intensity – How much force or tension must the muscles generate to complete a single repetition.
  • Time under tension – How long must this effort be sustained over a day, week, month.
  • Recovery – Recovery time ensures the body can repair itself, promotes good form and can increase overall volume.

We need to create as much tension (intensity) as possible, sustain it for the maximum amount of time (time under tension) whilst allowing adequate time for recovery.

Greasing the groove

Greasing the groove works on the principles of synaptic facilitation which states that the more you do a given movement the better you will get at it.

There is a few reasons for this

  • Practise > the more we do something the better the body, muscle memory and nervous system get at doing it. We start to learn the rhytms and subtlke nuances of the movement learning exactly when and how hard to fire each muscle group. We have become more efficient.
  • Time under tension > Greasing the groove can significantly increase the volume of a given movement so instead of 100-200 seconds of tension a week those pressing muscles could be achieving 1000’s!!
  • Intensity > Breaking up workouts into multiple smaller sets spaced out throughout the day allows us to exert maximum force on each lift without fatigue.

Greasing the groove, two simple rules

  1. Choose one or two exercise that work opposing muscle groups ( eg. pulls & dips or pressing & squats)
  2. Do as much QUALITY repetitions as possible over a given time period (weeks tend to work well)
  • Most people are not as strong on their last set of a strength training exercise as on earlier sets. This generally results in 3 things, a reduction in weight (less tension), a reduction in reps (less time under tension) or poor form. It may even result in all 3. Either way this natural fatigue is due to the muscles and nervous system being asked to do a lot of work in a short amount of time.
  • By spacing out our sets throughout the day we approach each set well rested and ready to exert maximum effort.

More ideas on training

Pins, pulls and sprints

If your busy and want a quick full body workout GripSticks training, pulling and sprints provide a quick full body workout

  1. Warm up
  2. 5 x 5 GripSticks and pulls supersets. Use pull ups or deadlifts and whatever GripSticks exercise allows you to perform 5 rep sets.
  3. 5 x sprints 40- 100 m